Woody Bay – Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

Woody Bay Station is one of the original Lynton & Barnstaple Railway stations, opened in 1898 the railway started at sea level in Barnstaple and climbed 16 miles until it reaches Woody Bay Station, finishing its journey in Lynton, 91 metres higher. The railway line ran until it’s closure in 1935, when on Sunday 29th September a packed train ran from Lynton for the last time, the train stopped at Woody Bay at 8:16pm and as a nod to this occasion, the clock in the station’s tea room is now permanently set to this time. The station as you see it today, was purchased in 1995 as part of an exciting project to rebuild one of the world’s most famous narrow-gauge railways. The process of restoring this line has been one of love, and has certainly not been easy. When the line was sold off, it was to various landowners, which has made the revival all the more difficult.

The future hopes to see further parts of the line opening, with approval of planning applications being given for Killington Lane to Wistlandpound. It is with thanks to the wonderful volunteers and people that keep this work going that you can enjoy the trip from Woody Bay today. If you are in the area it is worth popping in, and having a ride on the train or just admiring the pretty station and enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the tearoom (which I can highly recommend their fruitcake!) For more information on the times, prices and special events at Woody Bay Station please visit their website: http://www.lynton-rail.co.uk


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